Bilal Mosque

All Praise is for Allah and Peace and Blessings be on the Messenger of Allah

Funeral services offered by Mosque include:

  • Assistance in obtaining all necessary documents for release and burial of the body
  • Transportation of the body to the mosque, as well as to the cemetery
  • Taghseel (washing of the body)
  • Takfeen (preparing of the body)
  • Low cost coffin (at cost price)
  • Cold storage in case of delayed burial
  • Kafan and all necessary required articles
  • Janazah

A fee is paid to the mosque to cover the cost of the above services.

If you make arrangements with commercial Funeral Homes instead of the Mosques, please advice the funeral directors to
contact the cemetery to coordinate funeral arrangements and to obtain the standards for casket size and type.

Masjid Bilal (The Islamic Society of Cumberland)
Address: 4509 Innes Road Orleans, Ontario, K4A 3J7
Phone: 613-841-0786
Fax: 613-841-0796

When a family requires funeral services they may contact the following;

  • Br. Mumtaz Akhter (Primary Funeral Coordinator) C: 613-261-5651; H: 613-321-0938
  • Br. Hafiz Humza (Funeral Coordinator) C: 613-255-4057
  • Br. Saeed Omar (Funeral Assistant) C: 613-299-1733
  • Directions From The Ottawa Main Mosque to The Muslim Cemetery

    Continue to be part of this project to maintain the first Muslim cemetery
    in the Nation’s Capital

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