Cemetery Design Philosophy

Design Philosophy

Mix of existing natural vegetation and views to create a rich natural design using materials on site. Promote simplicity and modesty in design, focus is to accommodate basic needs.
Key elements of design

  • Orientation with Qibla (Mecca )
  • Providing opportunity for on-site visits and reflection
  • Respecting the Sunnah

The Straight Path
The centre road signifying the path of life starts from the main entrance in a straight manner and then winds in the middle section before straightening again as it approaches the burial area.

The road symbolizes the journey of life where one seeks the straight path, and over time one may deviate off the straight path but eventually finds one’s way back onto the straight path. The road also starts at a low elevation and slowly rises to a higher elevation as it reaches the burial area signifying the soul’s journey into the heavens.

The cemetery’s vegetation palette of trees, shrubs, and water (reflection pond) symbolizes the tranquility and green color of a garden (paradise).

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