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All Praise is for Allah and Peace and Blessings be on the Messenger of Allah

Al hamdullilah, the cemetery’s began operating on January 4, 2013.

Yes the cemetery was established to serve the Muslim community in Ottawa and Gatineau and in the surrounding areas, where practical. The cemetery is incorporated, and is managed and maintained by Muslims in the community exclusively for the Muslim community

Yes. The cost of an adult burial lot is $1500. There is no cemetery in the area offering lots for less. The cemetery is a not-for-profit organization registered as a charity. Charitable Registration No. 894375187RR0001

Yes. If you cannot afford to buy a lot with a lump sum payment, you can buy a lot and pay over a period of one year. You can pay monthly, or quarterly based on your financial ability. The same applies for donations.

The Prophet(SAW) said: An intelligent person is one who is constantly thinking about and preparing for death (Tirmidhi). It should also be noted that, based on Islamic principles, the first expenditure to be taken from the estate of a deceased person is his/her funeral expenses. From a practical point of view, the following are good reasons why you should not wait to purchase a lot:
Pre-arranged funeral – Peace of mind for you and your family (one less stress to deal with – make it part of your estate planning) Protects your family against inflation (future increased costs) Protects against high cash outlay at time of funeral A sound investment Lowest cost of a burial lot (remarkable low price) Lot is transferrable if not used or needed Help to provide funds now to further develop the cemetery

When you buy a lot, you are issued an interment rights certificate for the lot. You can at any time transfer the lot back to the cemetery and you will be reimbursed the cost or you can transfer to a member of your family or someone else designated by you, or you can direct the Ottawa Muslim Cemetery to bury someone else identified by you using your lot. In any case your investment is secure.

Yes, you can buy as many burial lots as you wish. You will be issued an interment rights certificate for each lot purchased. You are the one who decides who will be buried in each lot.

Once you have paid for your plot in full, the Interment Rights Certificate will be issued to you.

Absolutely. The objective of the cemetery is not only to provide a place of burial for Muslims but also to ensure that Islamic traditions are applied. The cemetery is incorporated and the constitution and by-laws are such that the management of the cemetery will adhere to the Islamic values and traditions regarding burials.

One of the objectives of the Ottawa Muslim Cemetery (OMC) is to provide affordable burial services for the benefit of the Muslim community. This also means that the OMC must effectively manage the cemetery on a self-sufficient basis in accordance with provincial laws.

The OMC is federally incorporated with a constitution and by-laws. The institution is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors from the Muslim community. In addition the Cemetery is governed in accordance with the Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act and the Province of Ontario has also approved a set of operating by-laws specifically for the cemetery. Every aspect of the cemetery has provincial oversight and any changes to by-laws and site plan must be approved. In summary, the Government of Ontario regulates:
Location of cemeteries Who can own & operate, who can sell plots Minimum standards for burials and plots Consumer protection (contracts, markers, etc.) Trust fund obligations By-law and public information requirements Registry and reporting requirements

No. This is the responsibility of the Ottawa Muslim Cemetery. When you buy a lot, the Funeral, Burial, and Cremation Services Act requires that 40% of the cost of the lot be automatically placed in a Trust Fund called a Care and Maintenance Fund administered by an independent Trustee. This trust fund to be used cumulatively for the perpetual care and maintenance of the lot by the Ottawa Muslim Cemetery.

In addition to the cost of a burial lot, other costs include: opening and closing of the grave, grave markers (optional ), funeral services (washing and preparation of body, casket, and transportation). The funeral services are currently available from Masjid Omar, Masjid Bilal and the Ottawa Muslim Association Masjid (OMA). Other masaajid are also planning to offer funeral services. The opening and closing (interment) of the grave, and grave markers are available from the Ottawa Muslim Cemetery at the time of or after the funeral, the lots can be purchased in advance.

Although buying a lot is the best way to support the ongoing development of the cemetery, you can also donate to the Ottawa Muslim Cemetery (OMC). The OMC is a federally incorporated charitable organization (charitable registration no. 894375187RR0001) and official charitable donation receipt will be issued for any donation (Note: donation receipts are not issued for the purchase of lots). In addition, if you are financially able you may help by offering non-interest bearing loans (Qard Hasan).
You are also encouraged to promote the Cemetery with other members of the Muslim community, including your family members, Islamic Institutions, friends, colleagues etc.
Muslim organizations can also be proactive by pursuing arrangements with the OMC to acquire a block of burial lots for use by their members or community members.

Yes. The cemetery has an established process for communicating with funeral homes (Masaajid with washing facilities). The Ottawa Muslim Cemetery already has in place a 24-hour hotline 613-851-7444. Masjid Omar, Masjid bilal, and OMA are familiar with the process or procedures for obtaining death certificates and burial permits. Description of these documents and the process is available on the OMA website and this website ( OMC website).

The Cemetery is located near Manotick (1668 Manotick Station Rd.) in the south end of Ottawa. It is approximately 30 minutes from both the Ottawa Muslim Association masjid and Masjid Omar, and approximately 25 minutes from Masjid Bilal. It is even closer to the new Dar Assunnah masjid and Masjid Assalaam.

The cemetery property is 30 acres in size. Approximately 13 acres is being developed in phases. There will be enough burial lots in the 13 acres to last approximately 80 years after factoring population growth and demographics.

The property is oblong in shape. There is a road in the centre of the property with lots on each side of the center road. This will facilitate easy access to the lots on each side of the centre road without walking any long distances. There is a large parking area and an area for a maintenance building and washroom across from the parking lot. There is also a turn around in the middle of the length of the property and a gazebo with seats is in the centre of the turn around cirlce. In addition, there is a short pathway through the trees to a pond where there is a sitting area when visiting the cemetery. The designers have taken into consideration the natural elements of trees and rocks to protect and provide a natural setting. A gate with sign is in place.

You can visit this website where all of the contact information is available. You can also make a donation online or make a pledge to buy a lot. On this website you will find reference material on funerals and death. You can also phone 613-851-7444 to talk to someone from the Ottawa Muslim Cemetery.

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