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Once you contact one of the Mosque funeral volunteers or the Mosque office staff, they will discuss the process with you in detail and help you fill out the paper work and make the necessary arrangements. Trust the volunteers to help you so you can focus on comforting the family and attending to your visitors. Although the Mosque funeral volunteers will help you every step of the way, we encourage family members to familiarize themselves with the process and the details as outlined below:

Death & Burial Arrangements

  • If death occurs at home: Call your family doctor (or the last doctor the patient had seen) for a home visit (for the due process) and issuance of a Medical Certificate of Death (Form 16) or call 911 and the body will be transported by an ambulance to the Hospital where after the due process a Medical Certificate of Death (Form 16) will be issued and the body will remain in the Morgue until the other formalities are completed.
  • If death occurs in the Hospital: Hospital will complete the due process and issue a Medical Certificate of Death (Form 16) and the body will remain in the Morgue until the other formalities are completed.
  • OBTAIN a Statement of Death (Form 15) from the Mosque or from City hall.
  • CONTACT Cemetery and arrange for the purchase of a burial plot and opening and closing of the grave. An appointment will be set to meet to sign the required documents and make payment. The Cemetery will require the burial permit issued by City of Ottawa before the grave can be opened.
  • BRING both forms (Form 15, Statement of Death & Form16, Medical Certificate of Death to obtain a Death Registration, also called a Burial Permit from Ottawa City Hall (7/24 service is provided at 10 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 1J1, telephone # 580-2400 – After office hours, one has to inform the security guard (main door) that you are here for a burial-permit and you will be escorted to a City official)
    one of the satellite offices, 3 of which are listed below, between 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., Monday to Friday (after hours, weekends and holidays go to City Hall address above).
    a) Orléans Client Service Centre, 255 Centrum Blvd., Suite 11, Orléans
    b) Ben Franklin Place Client Service Centre, 101 Centrepointe Dr., Nepean
    c) Kanata Client Service Centre, 580 Terry Fox Dr., Kanata.

The City will immediately issue a burial-permit upon submission of the fee and both forms (Form 15 &16). The fee to register a death in the City of Ottawa is $64. Please make few copies of these important documents.

Only upon issuance of a burial permit by the City, the hospital will release the body from the Hospital. PLEASE NOTE: the cemetery will only open the grave upon issuance of a burial-permit by the City (exception being a foetus, in this case a burial permit may not be issued).

Currently the following mosques provide funeral services to the Muslim community

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